Sunday, 8 October 2017

8th October - Shadow ~ Scrying Mirror

image found on google search - author unknown

Today I pulled 'Scrying Mirror ~ Shadow' card from my Witches Wisdom deck.  I am very used to working with Shadow and have spent what seems to be years now trying to get my Self out of the darkness. 

There are many Witches out there that refuse to acknowledge the Shadow side, they believe that they should only work in 'Light & Love' and whilst I respect that I do feel that to not acknowledge the Shadow they are only living half a life. 

We all know that there is duality in everything we do, and if you are in 'public' arena of blogging, youtubing, teaching or healing, to always put on a 'happy' front is not being true to your followers, many of whom may well need your insight on troubles and worries they face! 

In fairness, there are also plenty of people out there, that seem to revel in dwelling in the darkness and who's life is just one long round of drama and misery.... 

Balance, you can't have one without the other, and to permanently be in a 'funk' is just as damaging as living permanently on rainbows and Unicorns, sooner or later the Universe will step in and find a way to get you to acknowledge the 'other' side. 

So, now I have that mini rant out of my system. This card serves to remind me that all work and no play makes this Raven a very sad bird, and I need to find the balance again.  It also is here to prompt me to work more on my Psychic abilities which I have been neglecting recently.  

It's nice to work with Cards and the Runes, but I haven't been working with my intuition and Channelling abilities and like anything else in the Craft, it's called Practise for a reason, we will never be experts but if we ignore the 'call' completely, then we will lose our gifts. 

Apologies if this is a bit of a ramble, Hubby is putting together some flat pack furniture (always a 'joy' to behold and I'm full of a cold and my head feels stuffed with cotton wool. 

Till next time

love Raven x x x

Monday, 2 October 2017

2nd October - Card Draw - Witches Wisdom

Today I am using the Witches' Wisdom Oracle cards and I've drawn Ritual Invocation.....

I have long felt the pull of the Divine, but I've never really felt that I've connected to a particular God or Goddess... I'm not one of those people that the Divine 'speak to', you know the people that routinely have their 'butt kicked' for not doing something.... well, being honest I've never felt a 2 x 4 across the back of the head ....

Ok, so I have felt that once or twice, but it's been when I've been looking at Runes and my Runes have gone "whoa!!! not in this lifetime Sister"!

A couple of days ago I was laying awake, and started thinking / praying and basically put it 'out there' that I was open to working with a Diety....

What this card is telling me is that they are there, they hear my call, but I need to be sure who I want to work with, surround myself with their Energy and not just invoke anyone - be careful what you wish for springs to mind.........

So, that got me thinking about the film The Craft, where they invoke Mannon... they had no idea what they were doing and ........ well, if you've watched the film you know how it turns out ... if you haven't I highly recommend it and you wont find any spoilers here.

I digress, back to the card draw.... one of the first things I was told when casting my first spell was to be specific.  That would make the outcome so much more powerful.....and I think that rings true for the Divine.  I see them as single and unique and like us, they will have their flaws and their strengths.  What do I need in my life, do I need more creativity, do I need more justice, do I need a battle warrior or a home loving hearth Goddess.....

Only when I am sure of what I need should I invoke a Diety to join me and guide me, so, what does this card mean today............ I have some meditating to do and who knows I may finally feel that pull and butt kicking that everyone else talks about.


Raven x x x

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Energy .............

image courtesy of google search - artist unknown

One of the first things you learn when you start walking this Path is about Energy, there are hundreds of articles, forum posts and blogs about it.... but I have to be honest and say I am totally gobsmacked at the amount of Witches and Druids out there that have absolutely no idea how to feel the energy of a tree, crystal or person... to me it's the foundation of my Spiritual work - I can't meditate without raising or releasing energy, I can't cast a circle or raise a spell without first being conscious of both my and the surrounding areas energy....

And yet........ it seems that there are lots of us that do all those things without knowing how to control the energy they raise, and believe me they raise energy!!!

So, what is the energy I'm talking about - well, dear reader, unfortunately, I have to dispell a myth - energy is not the 'flash, bang, wallop' that comes from the end of Harry Potter's wand - energy is the subtle tingle in your fingers, the shiver that runs down your spine, the goosebumps that raise the hairs on your arms.

How do you raise energy, well, that's slightly misleading because the short answer is - you don't - energy is all around us - touch the adapter of your laptop and it's hot - that's the energy running through it - well, there is energy running through and around you 24/7 ... it can't be turned off - but it can be controlled!

When we cast a circle we are 'harnessing' the energy into our field of work, when we 'send' energy to a loved one or for healing we are directing the energy.... what we, in my opinon, should learn as one of the first lessons is how to control the energy we are using - leave the laptop on for days and you'll blow the adaptor - it will overheat ... and it's the same with Spiritual energy, if you don't learn how to work with it - you'll blow your own charger!!!!

So, now that we know how I feel about energy, how do we learn how to sense it and how to make it work for us - and most importantly how to release it.


Sit comfortably in your chair, do not cross your legs, toes, fingers or eyes as that will interfere with the energy.... close your eyes and hold your hands in front of you about shoulder width apart. Hold your hands so the palms are facing each other. Now, slowly bring your hands together..... as you bring them together you will soon sense a 'resistance' much like when you bring to magnets of opposite polarity together.

Feel it?? Good that's energy!

Now you can 'fashion' this energy, you can roll it in a ball, you can stretch it, you can squish it.

Energy once raised needs to be released, we can't have lots of energy flying around with no rhyme or reason, it will make you feel rather groggy after awhile. So, how to release this energy so it doesn't harm you or anyone else.....


Roll your energy into a ball, with your eyes closed, imagine your most peaceful place, the place where you feel the most calm. This could be laying on a sunny beach listening to the waves lap against the shore, or it could be by a roaring log fire with a good book and your cat purring on your lap. It may be that your most calming place is the bath surrounded by candles and relaxing music - anything or anywhere you feel the most peace and calm.

Once you have this image fixed in your head, imagine putting that image into your Energy ball, much like a snow globe. When you have done this, pull the Energy ball into yourself. Squish that ball into your stomach and feel the peace and calm radiate throughout your body.

You may feel a residual 'buzz' of energy that will need to be grounded. The easiest method is to stand outside barefoot and let Mother Gaia do her thing. Or eat something.

When you have mastered this, we can move on to feeling the energy of other things............

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

New blog - new Path - New Journey

(image courtesy of google search - artist unknown)

Well Hello there,

Welcome to my new blog, yes I know another one.... I have spent quite a while debating if I am going to get back into the world of blogs and even putting my head back over the wall.... but if you feel the push you have to go with it.....

So here we are, a brand spanking new blog... what's going to happen here, who knows I'm simply answering the Call (or should that be Caw!)....

For any of you wondering who I am, my Craft name is Raven, and I am a mother of two, grandmother of 4, wife of woman and have three cats and two dogs.... yes I know glutton for punishment.

I've always had a fascination for all things magical. But, I've always had a weakness for Witches. My first love was for the Wicked Witch of the West, think she was hard done by really!! then Samantha, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (ohh to have a familiar like Salem!) and then onto Practical Magick and Charmed and, of course, Harry Potter!   I always knew I was 'different' from an early age, I questioned my Sunday School teachers and I stopped going to Church when I was told that I would be sent to Hell because my mother drank Gin .... I couldn't understand that, especially when Jesus turned water into wine - so when did alcohol become a Sin??? (I'm still puzzled by that one!!)

I don't follow the herd - if someone tells me to do something I want to know WHY i'm doing it, how will it impact on others if I do it and what will happen to me if I don't do it ...... Anyway, for years this was just a vague notion that I didn't 'fit' with any organised Religion and just bumbling around on my own ..... then the Divine stepped in ......

That was in 2010 when I had an accident that kept me off my feet for over 4 weeks, I finally had the chance to do some research and reading and that led me to an online school.  I was ecstatic, I'd finally found a 'home' one that was filled with like minded people that I could aks questions of and they had structured learning (which excited the geek in me) and everyone seemed so very knowledgeable and wise.

I was like a kid in a Candy store, I was loving every minute and was super excited and well, yes, over enthusiastic, which on reflection put me 'out there' which quite soon ruffled some feathers and I found myself on the end of a banishing, this was not the place for me after all.... however, I had made some incredible friendships that even now have stood the test of time and all that others have thrown at us.

Just so you know, if you are still reading, I don't blame the school or any of the leaders at the school for the way I was treated, I blame jealousy, resentment and fear!  People who had been there a lot longer than I had were suddenly shown in a different light and they didn't like it - unfortunately, this is one of the drawbacks of an online school in that like a regular school you have your cliques, your 'cool kids'. and if your face don't fit it can be tough..... however, it is a great place to be when it all goes right and had I been a bit more experienced, had I been a bit 'thicker skinned' then maybe I would have stuck it out and been well on my way to 3rd Priestess ...... however, the Divine had other plans and so I left.

I set up my own little forum and my friends came and helped me to keep on track, we were a lovely little group, we researched, we debated, we chatted and we had fun, but, as is the way of the Universe if you don't learn a lesson then it has the habit of coming back round, in a different guise, we had some new members join who had been instrumental in the reason I left the previous school and I got sucked in by their remorse and offers of friendship and allowed them to join our happy little band.  I didn't notice, but soon it became apparent that my original members were posting less and less, and ultimately, it was me there on my own.  It was time to close the forum.  Ohhh look, lo and behold, the 'new' members had a lovely shiny forum that I could go to when I closed mine .............. yep, lesson still not learned.

Myself and one other of the original band of friends, headed onto the new forum and set about 'making ourselves at home', now I have to point out at this juncture that I didn't close my forum without a great deal of thought, had I known then what I know now I would definitely have chosen to keep the forum open and keep the love, the light and the honesty that existed there intact.  But, sometimes on this Path, you have to hit rock bottom before you can see the light!

The next step on the Path for me was to set up an online school of our own, there were five of us that were involved, we wrote lessons, we researched, we bickered but we were in it together ..... then my Mum died, it was unexpected and I found myself having conversations that, now looking back, were led by grief - my friends were there to support me and I leaned on them ... but then it all started to change there was a definite shift in the energy between us all, by now we had already lost one of the original five, and we now lost another member someone who I am extremely close to and I was pulled between staying at the school or staying with my best friend - no choice really, now at this time unbeknown to me I was being accused of bullying the other two members, of sending psychic attacks, well, there is more, but I'm not going to add anymore at this point.  Suffice to say I left and suddenly I went from being surrounded by people I could talk to about my Path, to being alone and now faced with a crushing sense of isolation and despair and not believing a word I'd been told thus far on my journey............... yep, lesson finally learned!

I'm not writing all this down for pity, or in a sense of being bitter, but finally putting my side across and hopefully to serve as a warning to other 'newbies' on this Path.  There are people on this journey that will use you, there are people out there that will steal your dreams and there are people out there that will say one thing to your face ............. basically, they are just people and there are good and bad in all...........

I have been blessed, my Bestie is still with me, She is one the most intelligent, loving woman I know, she's been through the mire with me, she kicks my butt when I need it and we have a very honest relationship.  There are others that I thought I'd lost that have come back to me and others that I thought were true that believed the lies, one day they will see for themselves, it's not my place to judge or command.

So, if you are still here, well done............. this is the Past, this is what has made me the person I am today and today is the day I step back out of the Shadows and start to live this Path.

I have, with my Bestie, started a new forum, one where we hope to gently guide and encourage others.  What happens next .... who knows!

If you would like to join............  we'd be happy to have you!

Blessings to you

Raven x x x

8th October - Shadow ~ Scrying Mirror

image found on google search - author unknown Today I pulled 'Scrying Mirror ~ Shadow' card from my Witches Wisdom deck.  I a...